Can I kick the onset of a cold w/ Essential Oils?

It started with a sneeze, followed by several more sneezes. Was this a cold coming on? NO! I don’t have time for a cold. I mean does any one had time to get sick? Then the stuffy nose started. Instead of just waiting for the cold to bring me down I decided to kick it tongue curb before it even goes any further. 

First thing I did was start diffusing, and not just any oil but Thieves.  I love the smell of theives oil and its antibacterial properties so if there are any germs going around in the air I knew thieves would get rid of it. Then I have my coconut oil mixture with thieves in it and i applied it to the bottoms of my feet. Using essential oils on the bottom of your feet gets them into your blood stream quicker. Then I made a cold bomb. I had peppermint , lemon, frankincense, and oregano to my ningxia red and drank it. And last but not least I put lavender on the bridge of my nose. 

I mean it was a lot of steps but really only took about 5 minutes total. Within 15 minutes my runny nose was gone. I went to bed with thieves diffusing and woke up feeling good. No more cold symptoms. I did use more coconut oil thieves mixture on my feet before putting my socks on and drank another cold bomb for safe measure but voila. Stopped the onset of a cold naturally. Way better in my opinion than getting a full blown cold or even taking night quil. 

Of course I’m not a doctor but all I can say is this worked for me. 


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