Be Mindful – Yoga Intention

This morning I made it to the 5:30 am Ashtanga class at my local yoga studio. I couldn’t believe I actually peeled myself out of bed at 4:45 am. While changing into my yoga clothes and brushing my teeth with my eyes still half closed I thought to myself, what am I nuts? But proceeded anyways – gave the hubby a kiss and was on my way. Got to class and rubbed some much needed Young Living peppermint oil on my chest. Even though I was about to get the pick me up I needed from class I wanted a boost of energy before we started. Oh and who doesn’t love the smell of peppermint?

At the beginning of the practice the teacher asked everyone (all 2 people that were crazy enough to be there) to set an intention for our practice, our day, and our life. For my practice I chose to be mindful. Be mindful of what my body needs physically, be mindful of my emotions as I go through class, and be mindful of the other students. For my day I thought motivation would be a good intention. Sometimes a little motivation can go along way. Although I figured I would diffuse something at work to keep me focused. My intention for life today was to have humility. Sometimes it seems that the world is just constantly stressed and everyone is so wound up in their own lives. So humility for my life seemed fitting. We all need to laugh a little more.

As I was matching my breath with the poses I kept thinking about being mindful . At one point we were in plank for not what seemed like for but was forever and I just had to go into child’s pose. I thought right then that I was being mindful. I was being mindful of what my body needed and at that moment by body needed rest. I would rather hold plank pose in good form with breaks than to hold plank pose for the full duration and to have awful form. My body needs to be strong not to grow tired from holding poses incorrectly. That wasn’t the only time I was mindful of what my body needed through my practice this morning.

On my drive home I though about being mindful a little more. Was I able to be mindful mentally in my practice this morning or was it all physical? Mentally I have been stressed in my daily life. With work, school, and being a wife (not a mother just yet) but takes energy (I mean what doesn’t really). Then I realized this morning when I decided to go to yoga I was being mindful of what I needed mentally. Yoga for me has been an outlet for so many things, especially stress. I felt like I had not just a good start to my morning but a great start.

At this point I had been mindful of my body during practice, I had been mindful when I made the decision to go to yoga, but had I been mindful of others? During class I didn’t pay any attention to what the other student was doing. It was just me and my mat. I still felt that my intention wasn’t complete with out the last part: being mindful of others. This is where I decided it was pertinent to carry my intention throughout my day. How could I be more mindful of others that I interact with? Each interaction may be different. I may need to be mindful of someone’s feelings or maybe I need to be mindful of what that person needs from me.

So today maybe take a step back and just be mindful of others, of your surroundings, of yourself.


Why the title “The Humble Warrior”?

When I was trying to think of a blog name the first thing that came to my mind was the humble warrior. Now if you know anything about yoga you might know that it’s a pose, and you’re probably thinking it’s my favorite one since I named my blog after it. Well actually it’s probably my least favorite pose of all time. Something about that pose is just uncomfortable for me. If you’re not sure what humble warrior is check out this link (This is clearly not me since I dislike this pose). So why would I name my blog after a pose that is my least favorite? Well yoga has taught me many things and one of the lessons is to embrace the things in life that are challenging. Life wouldn’t be life if everything was easy right? All sorts of crazy shit can get thrown one’s way and all one can do is learn to deal with it. Embrace the good times and endure the hard times with equal determination. Yoga has helped me endure these are times or struggles know that this is life and it will go on. So again why name my blog after a pose I don’t like?

Sometimes you just gotta do things you don’t like and honestly I hope if I practice enough maybe I will like the humble warrior pose. There is always the chance that it will be my least favorite pose forever though and I am ok with that too. Some say that the pose you like the least is the pose you need most in your life. I just gotta be okay where I am at in my practice and in my life. I truly believe it is stillness that brings great things whether it’s striving for a stress-free life or in yoga by stretch and trying to reach the fullest expression of a pose.

Now get up and try the humble warrior pose 🙂 Is it your favorite?