Just me and my mat

Yoga has been so beneficial for me in so many ways. It’s a major stress reliever for one, helps keep the arthritis in my joints at bay, and literally just puts a smile on my face. I’m that chick that goes on vacation and wouldn’t even think about leaving my mat at home. I will practice yoga in a hotel room with video on my computer or will find a studio to go while on vacation. I try to make time for yoga whenever I can.

When I am on my mat nothing else seems to matter. My stressful day at work or whatever I’ve got going on can’t break the bond I have with my mat. Sometimes the room is packed with people and I barely notice them once I get in my zone. I mean when I am in supported headstand (salamba sirsasana) I am definitely not thinking about what’s for dinner or I hope I look good in this pose. I am thinking about my breath and just staying in the pose for peete’s sake. Yoga takes all the BS out my days and give me an hour of Kate time.

Another aspect that draws me to yoga is that I will always be a student – just when I think I’ve mastered a pose, oh wait it gets harder and this time wrap you leg around both arms and balance. That is just it – we keep moving and learning with each pose just like we do in life.



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