Living an Oily Life

Recently I was introduced to essential oils and thought really do these things work and can they really replace some of modern medicine? But honestly I have been wanting to rid my life of unnecessary chemicals and figured why not try it. I chose Young Living Essential oils for a couple of reasons.

1. Young Living Oils are Therapeutic Grade oils. This is the highest rated oil there is. Therapeutic grade oils are pure, medicinal, steam-distilled essential oils that contain all desired therapeutic compounds.

2. Young Living’s Seed to Seal Process. They verify every step of the process from the planting of the seeds to the all the way through to the sealing of every bottle. No other company has a guarantee like this one. Young Living owns farms all over the world where they cultivate the seeds and plants to ensure quality. The distillation process uses steam extraction as well as cold pressing and resin taping methods for their oils. Young Living also tests every batch of oil to make sure it meets their standards. Young Living also seals all their oils. By overseeing every stop of the process, Young Living is ensure that every bottle of oil is of the highest quality.

I am not saying that essential oils will be replacing everything but hey if I can wed out some medications and harsh chemicals believe me I will.

I will probably have posts about oils since using oils has been apart of my daily routine.

If you have questions regarding Young Living Essential Oils please let me know.


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