Whole 30 – Day 4 – Meal 2

Yep meal 2 did not happen today…Epic Fail.


Whole 30 – Day 4 – Meal 1

Because I did not eat dinner last night (I know this is not good) but I was really hungry for breakfast . So I was having a bit of a dilemma though…eggs again..ugh I am already just a little sick of them. I need to change up breakfast – but what else can I do? Then the lightbulb went off..oh yeah I made extra of those savory ground beef patties. Oh and of course I got out of bed later than planned – so it was another breakfast in my purse kind of morning. I threw the beef patties, a whole zucchini, blueberries, and an avocado in my purse and it was off to work. 

Once I got to work I reheated the ground beef patties (you can find the recipe under Day 1 – Meal 3). These were so good again reheated. I would definitely suggest trying this recipe. Anyways, I cut cut up the zucchini and had it raw with the avocado, blueberries and black coffee. 

This was an quick and easy meal and it kept me full actually all day because it was another day where I didn’t eat lunch…

Whole 30 – Day 3 – Meal 3

So I know this is terrible and I shouldn’t have done this because it’s not complaint with Whole 30 but I didn’t eat dinner last night. I went and got my hair done then stopped over a friend’s house and stayed later than expected. I was not about to eat dinner at 11pm when I know I was just going to go to bed. Honestly this is not something that I do often but it happens. I should have had a Lara bar in my purse for these types of emergency’s. 

Whole 30 – Day 3 – Meal 2

Lunch time rolls around again…it’s like an everyday occurrence. Weird how that happens. Anyways, every Wednesday at work we have lunch meetings. At first I thought that this would be an issue while on the Whole 30, so I thought that i could bring a lunch to these lunch work meeting but then I thought, yeah I am doing whole 30 but I shouldn’t have to give up everything. I just need to choose wisely and ask how the meals are prepared. 

Today’s pick was Chili’s and I choose the lunch combo fajita’s. I did have to make some adjustments, no cheese, no tortillas, not sour cream. I asked them to sautee the onions and peppers in olive oil instead of vegetable oil. Then my side salad had no croutons and no cheese. Actually it wasn’t a bad lunch and I stayed pretty Whole30 compliant. 

Whole 30 – Day 3 – Meal 1

It was another one if those mornings where I was warm and comfortable and did not want to get out if bed. This poses a problem when I’m supposed to be getting up earlier to make breakfast. But last night I made a double batch of sweet potato hash so I grabbed that with 2 hardboiled eggs and some asparagus and I was out the door.

Whole 30 – Day 2 – Meal 3

So after getting home from yoga after 8 PM I had to think if something that would just keep me full for a few hours but not overly stuff me. Only because I am not one to stay up really late and I did not want to over eat. I chose to make some simple sweet potato hash with one fried egg.

I peeled 2 sweet potatoes (I am thinking a head and figure I could have some of the has for breakfast tomorrow) and chopped them up. Cooked them in some coconut oil and added yellow onion, cilantro, red onion, and fresh rosemary. Let it cook until the potatoes we soft yet a but crunchy on the outside. While that was finishing up I make a quick egg over hard. I know I am weird but I am not a fan of runny yolk. Once the egg was done I put it on the hash and there ya go a quick dinner that was delicious!



Whole 30 – Day 2 – Meal 2

So I know I know it’s day 2 and I already went out to lunch… But I still ate whole30 compliant. Because I woke up late this morning from hitting the snooze 4 times I was unable to get something ready for lunch. I went to a local restaurant ordered a grilled turkey burger with no bun and no cheese. I asked for no sides since it came with chips and salsa…I didn’t want to be tempted. The turkey burger had lettuce, tomato, avocado, and pickle. It’s was yummy. Now I am sure you’re thinking that I didn’t have enough vegetables. I felt the same way. So remember that bag of asparagus I had for breakfast? Well when I got back to work I steamed it up and just ate if after. So I still was able to go out and eat a healthy lunch. Even though I asked for no sides they still brought me chips and salsa. I had to use my willpower to not eat any!