Whole 30 – Day 2 – Meal 1

I procrastinated this morning to get outta bed! I can’t be the only one out there that hit the snooze button 4 times before actually getting up this morning can I? Well days like this definitely put a damper on making breakfast. Luckily I am prepared for days like this morning.

I always stock up on hardboiled eggs. I know that 2 eggs are just the right amount of protein for me for one meal. Since doing the Whole30 requires the refrigerator to be basically stocked with veggies it was easy for me to just grab the entire bag of asparagus. Gotta have the healthy fat on hand so an avocado went in to my bag as well. And since I like to eat some fruit with my breakfast I grabbed the carton of raspberries and out the door I went. So amazing right…2 hard boiled eggs, asparagus, an avocado and raspberries. I bet you can’t wait to try this combination of amazing foods. Honestly it’s a little strange but it packed all the nutrients I needed.

Once I got to work I steamed half the bunch of asparagus in the microwave. Little trick I learned not to long ago is if you wet some paper towel and wrap your veggies in it then put them in the microwave for a few minutes you get perfectly steamed veggies. Once the asparagus was done I added my hardboiled eggs and avocado to my plate and voila, meal 1! I can’t say my breakfast was completely normal but it kept me full till lunch and that’s really all that matters.

Oh I also had some black coffee 🙂